The Graduation Ball Theme

Graduation Ball is a Waldwick High School tradition, passed on for over 52 years.  The idea of the Graduation ball is for the graduates to participate in an drug and alcohol free environment with their classmates as a Graduation celebration. 
The theme of the Graduation Ball is created by the parents and families of the of the current graduating class. The parents collectively vote on a theme, the Construction and Art committees produce the project and all committees and parents work together to bring it to fruition. The high school cafeteria is transformed into an animated, interactive and imaginary atmosphere.  By tradition, the current years Graduation Ball theme is to be kept a secret from the students and general public to enhance the excitement and anticipation for the night of graduation.
On graduation day, the ball is open to the public approximately 2 hours prior to the start of the graduation and closes 30 minutes prior to the commencement ceremony.



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